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Danny Schmidtwith Robby Hecht
Saturday, April 26th
Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington
$22 advance | $25 door | $15 Students | $5 Youth
8:00pm | Doors open at 7:30pm
A torch-bearer of the Texas songwriting tradition.
Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter, Danny Schmidt has built an enthusiastic following while simultaneously inspiring the admiration of his fellow artists and critical acclaim from industry professionals.

It's his songwriting which won him the prestigious Kerrville New Folk award, but it's his intense live performances that leave listeners with a sense that each of his songs is necessary, plain and simple. His guitar work is effortless and sparkling, his arrangements are fresh and unpredictable, his voice ageless.

Stylistically and musically, Danny's writing spans an impressively diverse reach, from deeply-rooted Appalachian mountain gospel to haunted English balladry, from syncopated Piedmont country blues to vagabond 60's protest folk-stumpery.

He tackles universal themes of love, loss, longing, restless discontent and grateful joy. And he captures both the sorrow and the beauty inherent in our everyday lives with the wisdom of a perceptive, compassionate elder and with the innocent awe and tenderness of a child.

"The most brilliant young songwriter I've heard in the past 25 years. His songs are thrillingly poetic." - Rich Warren, The Midnight Special

"He is perhaps the best new songwriter I've heard in the last 15 years." -- Rich Warren, Sing Out" Magazine

Official Website: www.dannyschmidt.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
Robby Hecht is a romantic realist.

He writes melodic and captivating songs that don't shy away from the complexity of human relationships and delivers them with a smooth tenor that evokes both sorrow and hope. His new record, and second solo effort, takes the listener through a broad spectrum of emotions touching on forgiveness, love, indifference, joy, self-doubt and more. He writes with an honesty that captures the truth of a sentiment, building allegorical themes that allow anyone to relate the songs to the experiences of his or her own life.

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee and raised on his parents' record collection of 1970's singer/songwriters, Robbie Hecht early on discovered his musical vocation.

After attending college in Wisconsin and playing music in Paris and San Francisco, Hecht returned to Tennessee and settled in Nashville to focus on his career. His intensive touring and songwriting, including appearances with Richie Havens, Greg Brown, and Patty Griffin, have garnered him prizes and praise.

"A beautiful, soulful voice..." - Jeff Coffin, Dave Matthews Band

"Fine textures, fetching melodies and sifted-smooth lyrics." - Nashville Scene

Official Website: www.robbyhecht.com
Song Samples: www.youtube.com
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