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Artist Photographs
View the photographs taken at previous Six String events.
Artist Archive
2019 - 2020
09/20/19 An Evening with Iris Dement KAC
10/25/19 Glen Phillips (Founder: "Toad the Wet Sprocket") with Ordinary Elephant CPAC
11/15/19 Susan Werner with Jesse Ruben CPAC
01/17/20 The Small Glories with Kim Taylor MAC
02/08/20 An Evening with Carrie Newcomer CPAC
02/22/20 John Gorka with Amilia K Spicer Riffe Center
02/23/20 John Gorka Songwriting Workshop MAC
The following performances were cancelled due to COVID-19
3/14/20 Vance Gilbert with The Young Novelists CPAC
04/17/20 An Evening with The Sweet Remains CPAC
05/16/20 An Evening with The Four Bitchin' Babes KAC
2018 - 2019
09/21/18 Kate Campbell with Caroline Cotter CPAC
10/19/18 Craig Carothers With Shawna Caspi CPAC
11/17/18 Joe Pug with Brian Dunne MAC
01/12/19 An Evening with Three Women and The Truth CSG
01/27/19 Smooth Hound Smith Natalie's
02/09/19 Ellis Paul with Kipyn Martin CPAC
02/10/19 Songwriting Seminar with Ellis Paul Abbey Theater
02/10/19 Ellis Paul Family Show Abbey Theater
03/09/19 Chastity Brown with Ben Bedford MAC
04/12/19 An Evening with The Ruth Moody Band CPAC
05/10/19 An Evening with Sam Baker MAC
2017 - 2018
09/22/17 An Evening with Dougie MacLean CSG
10/06/17 Susan Werner with Kipyn Martin CPAC
12/09/17 Steel Wheels with Frances Luke Accord King Arts Complex
01/20/18 Richard Shindell with Brian Dunne CPAC
02/09/18 Lucy Kaplansky with Lucy Wainwright Roche CPAC
03/09/18 An Evening with Mary Gauthier CPAC
03/24/18 An Evening with Cheryl Wheeler King Arts Complex
04/20/18 John Gorka and Cliff Eberhardt King Arts Complex
05/18/18 Joe Crookston with Rj Cowdery CPAC
2016 - 2017
09/17/16 Patty Larkin with Andrew Combs CPAC
10/07/16 Vance Gilbert with Curtis McMurtry MAC
11/12/16 Dar Williams with Harvey Wasserman King Arts Complex
12/03/16 Jeff Black with Jared Mahone CPAC
01/20/17 Mark Erelli with John Craigie CPAC
02/11/17 Jonathan Byrd & Pickup Cowboys with Ben Bedford CPAC
03/18/17 Chad Elliott and Ken Yates CPAC
04/07/17 Big Little Lions with Shawna Caspi CPAC
04/08/17 Big Little Lions Special Family Show CPAC
04/22/17 An Evening With Lindsay Lou & Flatbellys MAC
05/20/17 Joshua Davis with Callaghan CPAC
2015 - 2016
09/19/15 The Pine Hill Project: Richard Shindell & Lucy Kaplansky CSG
10/23/15 David Wilcox with Caroline Cotter CPAC
11/13/15 Diana Jones with Mike Vial CPAC
12/04/15 Rebecca Frazier with Ken Yates CPAC
01/08/16 Catie Curtis with Chad Elliott CPAC
01/22/16 John Gorka with Sarah Peacock CPAC
02/12/16 The Steel Wheels with Honey Dewdrops CPAC
03/04/16 David Myles with Young Novelists CPAC
04/15/16 Tracy Grammer with Angela Easterling CPAC
04/16/16 Special Family Show Featuring Tracy Grammer CPAC
05/13/16 Peter Mulvey and John Elliott MAC
2014 - 2015
09/26/14 Cheryl Wheeler with Chris Trapper CPAC
10/10/14 The Birds of Chicago with Ben Bedford CPAC
11/07/14 Matt The Electrician with Daniel Champagne CPAC
12/05/14 Kate Campbell with Ken Yates CPAC
01/16/15 Iris Dement with Rebecca Frazier CPAC
02/13/15 Irene Kelley with Mia Rose Lynne CPAC
03/06/15 Ellis Paul with Antje Duvekot CPAC
04/10/15 Kim Richey with Louise Mosrie CPAC
04/25/15 Joe Crookston with Connor Garvey CPAC
05/15/15 Brother Sun with Amy Black CPAC
2013 - 2014
09/20/13 Jeff Black with Jesse Terry CPAC
10/18/13 The Barn Birds with Nels Andrews CPAC
11/09/13 Dar Williams with Lucy Wainwright Roche CPAC
12/06/13 The Stray Birds CPAC
01/18/14 John Wort Hannam with Drew Nelson CPAC
02/15/14 The Ragbirds Special Family Show CPAC
02/15/14 The Steel Wheels with The Ragbirds CPAC
03/14/14 Carrie Newcomer with Krista Detor CPAC
04/04/14 Richard Shindell MAC
04/26/14 Danny Schmidt with Robby Hecht MAC
05/17/14 Edie Carey with RJ Cowdery CPAC
2012 - 2013
09/21/12 Lori McKenna with Mark Erelli CPAC
10/19/12 Christine Lavin with Teneia Sanders CPAC
11/16/12 John Wort Hannam and Brian Ashley Jones CPAC
12/01/12 Joe Crookston with Rj Cowdery CPAC
01/12/13 Patty Larkin with Ari Hest CPAC
02/01/13 Ellis Paul with Anna Vogelzang CPAC
03/02/13 David Myles with Conor Garvey MAC
04/05/13 Sam Baker and Carrie Elkin MAC
04/26/13 Seth Glier and Liz Longley CPAC
05/18/13 Mary Gauthier with Rod Picott CPAC
2011 - 2012
09/23/11 Red Horse CPAC
10/14/11 Darrell Scott with Beth Wood CPAC
11/04/11 David Wilcox with Drew Nelson Martin Janis Center
12/09/11 Steppin' In It with Liz Longley MAC
01/13/12 Leela & Ellie Grace with Mitch Barrett CPAC
02/04/12 Cheryl Wheeler with Seth Glier CPAC
03/03/12 Catie Curtis with Robby Hecht MAC
03/31/12 The Steel Wheels with Red Tail Ring CPAC
04/27/12 Dougie MacLean CPAC
05/18/12 Anthony Da Costa, Raina Rose & John Elliott CPAC
2010 - 2011
09/17/10 Gregory Alan Isakov and Matt The Electrician CPAC
10/10/10 The Wailin' Jennys CPAC
11/12/10 Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem with Carla Gover CPAC
12/11/10 Tish Hinojosa with Marvin Dykhuis CPAC
01/14/11 David Francey with Craig Werth, and Amelia Curran CPAC
02/26/11 Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin CPAC
03/12/11 Richard Shindell with Nels Andrews CSG
04/15/11 Irene Kelley with Melissa Greener MAC
05/20/11 Eddie From Ohio with Brad Yoder CPAC
2009 - 2010
09/25/09 Slaid Cleaves with Gurf Morlix CPAC
10/17/09 Storyhill with Rj Cowdery MAC
11/13/09 Dala with Mustard's Retreat CPAC
12/05/09 Carrie Newcomerwith Chuck E. Costa CPAC
01/09/10 Diana Jones and Jonathan Byrd CPAC
02/13/10 Girlyman with Lucy Wainwright Roche CPAC
03/12/10 Ellis Paulwith Antje Duvekot CPAC
04/17/10 Joe Crookston and Chris O'Brien CPAC
05/22/10 Lucy Kaplanskywith Anthony da Costa CPAC
2008 - 2009
9/26/08 Catie Curtis with Randall Williams CPAC
10/18/08 Jason Wilber and Chris O'Brien CPAC
11/15/08 Kate Campbell with Carla Gover CPAC
1/16/09 Steppin' In It with Ellery CPAC
2/9/07 Joe Crookston and Emily Kurn CPAC
3/13/09 Laura Love with Lindsay Mac CPAC
4/18/09 Cheryl Wheeler and John Gorka CPAC
5/16/09 James Keelaghan with Ben Bedford CPAC
2007 - 2008
9/7/07 Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines with Colin Gilmore CPAC
10/5/07 Christine Kane CPAC
11/9/07 Cliff Eberhardt CPAC
12/7/07 Darryl Purpose with Trina Hamlin CPAC
1/25/08 Craig Carothers CPAC
2/22/08 Greg Trooper CPAC
3/14/08 Jeff Black with Brian Ashley Jones CPAC
4/4/08 Blame Sally CPAC
4/18/08 Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion with Ellis CPAC
5/2/08 Mark Erelli CPAC
2006 - 2007
9/15/06 Christine Lavin with Dan Frechette CPAC
10/27/06 John Gorka with Jess Klein Martin Janis Center
11/17/06 SONiA & disappear fear CPAC
12/1/06 Patty Larkin with Craig Carothers Martin Janis Center
1/19/07 Diana Jones with Tim Grimm CPAC
2/9/07 Cheryl Wheeler CPAC
3/2/07 An Evening with The Roches CPAC
3/10/07 Mary Gauthier with Jim Gill CPAC
3/23/07 Lucy Kaplansky with Greg Klyma CPAC
4/13/07 Corinne West with Doug & Telisha Williams CPAC
5/11/07 John Flynn with Joe Jencks CPAC
2005 - 2006
9/23/05 Bill Morrissey CPAC
10/28/05 Tish Hinojosa CPAC
11/18/05 Susan Werner and Justin Roth CPAC
12/2/05 Jeff Black and Jason Wilber CPAC
1/27/06 Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart with Malcolm Holcombe CPAC
2/24/06 Cheryl Wheeler CPAC
3/10/06 Darrell Scott with Diana Jones CPAC
3/31/06 Chuck Brodsky and Jonathan Byrd CPAC
4/21/06 Kris Delmhorst with Mark Erelli CPAC
5/5/06 Richard Shindell with Tricia Walker CPAC
2004 - 2005
9/24/04 Iris DeMent Shedd Theatre
10/22/04 Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman with Jonathan Byrd Columbus Music Hall
11/19/04 Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion with John Flynn Columbus Music Hall
12/10/04 The Burns Sisters with Chuck Brodsky 1st Unitarian Church
1/28/05 Ellis Paul with SONiA Columbus Music Hall
2/18/05 Carrie Newcomer & Mustard's Retreat Columbus Music Hall
3/11/05 Tracy Grammer Columbus Music Hall
4/02/05 Dougie MacLean Martin Janis Center
4/22/05 Eddie from Ohio with Rachel Davis Martin Janis Center
5/20/05 Ruthie Foster Columbus Music Hall
2003 - 2004
9/26/03 Kate Campbell Columbus Music Hall
10/24/03 John Gorka & Denise Franke 1st Unitarian Church
11/21/03 The Sherpas (Tom Kimmel, Michael Lille, Tom Prasado-Rao) Columbus Music Hall
12/05/03 Brooks Williams & Caroline Herring CPAC
1/23/04 Darryl Purpose Columbus Music Hall
2/13/04 Lucy Kaplansky & R. B. Morris 1st Unitarian Church
3/26/04 Greg Brown & Pieta Brown w/Bo Ramsey Fawcett
4/30/04 Christine Kane Columbus Music Hall
5/21/04 Greg Trooper & Irene Kelley Columbus Music Hall
2002 - 2003
9/20/2002 Cliff Eberhardt Columbus Music Hall
10/25/2002 Mark Erelli, Beth Amsel Columbus Music Hall
11/8/2002 Eddie from Ohio, Eric Bogle CPAC
11/22/2002 Rani Arbo, daisy mayhem, John Lilly Columbus Music Hall
12/6/2002 Patty Larkin, Darryl Purpose CPAC
1/31/2003 Vance Gilbert, Parker MacDonell (invited by jose martinez) Columbus Music Hall
2/28/2003 Tom Prasado-Rao, Irene Kelley Columbus Music Hall
3/14/2003 Richard Shindell and Christine Kane CPAC
4/4/2003 Nerissa & Katryna Nields, Chris Rosser Columbus Music Hall
5/9/2003 Cheryl Wheeler CPAC
2001 - 2002
9/21/2001 Ellis Paul, Susan Werner CPAC
10/26/2001 Willy Porter, Alice Peacock Columbus Music Hall
11/16/2001 John Smith, Irene Kelley Columbus Music Hall
12/7/2001 Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum: Winter's Grace Columbus Music Hall
1/11/2002 The Burns Sisters, Mustard's Retreat CPAC
2/15/2002 Dave Moore Columbus Music Hall
3/22/2002 Ray Bonneville, Louise Taylor Columbus Music Hall
4/20/2002 Troubadour Music Festival Southern Theater
5/11/2002 Dave Carter, Tracy Grammer 1st Unitarian Church
2000 - 2001
9/22/2000 Stacey Earle, J.D. Hutchinson Columbus Music Hall
10/20/2000 Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, Bright Red Columbus Music Hall
11/10/2000 Small Potatoes, John Smith Columbus Music Hall
12/1/2000 Greg Greenway, Bernice Lewis Columbus Music Hall
1/26/2001 Richard Shindell, Laura Nadeau Columbus Music Hall
2/9/2001 Garnett Rogers, Connie Caldor Columbus Music Hall
3/6/2001 Lucy Kaplansky, Ben Demerath Columbus Music Hall
4/6/2001 Carrie Newcomer, Greg Trooper Columbus Music Hall
5/4/2001 Bill Morrissey, Jo Serrapere Columbus Music Hall
1999 - 2000
9/24/1999 Susan Werner, Dave Moore Columbus Music Hall
10/9/1999 Dougie MacLean CPAC
10/29/1999 Barbara Higbie, Christopher Williams Columbus Music Hall
11/19/1999 Jack Williams, Stacey Earle Columbus Music Hall
1/14/2000 Bill Morrissey Columbus Music Hall
2/18/2000 David Massengill, Kate Campbell Columbus Music Hall
4/8/2000 Troubabour Music Festival: Eileen Ivers,
Cheryl Wheeler, John Gorka,The Burns Sisters
Southern Theatre
5/5/2000 L.J. Booth, Mary Gauthier Columbus Music Hall
1998 - 1999
9/12/1998 Troubadour Music Festival: Iris Dement, Vance Gilbert, Jimmie Rhodes,
Fred Eaglesmith, Slaid Cleaves, Mustard's Retreat,
Karen Savoca & Pete Heitzman, Jeff Black, Lynn Miles
Heimut House
10/9/1998 Greg Greenway, Tanya Savory Columbus Music Hall
11/6/1998 Cliff Eberhardt, Small Potatoes Columbus Music Hall
12/5/1998 Patty Larkin, Hugh Blumenfeld CPAC
1/22/1999 Peter Mulvey, Donna Mogavero Columbus Music Hall
2/19/1999 James Keelaghan Columbus Music Hall
3/5/1999 Salamander Crossing, The Nudes Columbus Music Hall
3/26/1999 Karen Savoca, Throat Culture Columbus Music Hall
4/30/1999 Lucy Kaplansky, Jeff Black Columbus Music Hall
5/14/1999 Eric Andersen, Lynn Miles Columbus Music Hall
1997 - 1998
9/19/1997 Cheryl Wheeler, Kevin Connolly 1st Unitarian Church
10/10/1997 Brooks Williams, Karen Pernick Columbus Music Hall
11/14/1997 The Nudes Columbus Music Hall
12/6/1997 Garnet Rogers, Mustard's Retreat Columbus Music Hall
1/16/1998 David Wilcox, LJ Booth CPAC
2/7/1998 The Burns Sisters, Greg Greenway Columbus Music Hall
3/19/1998 Martin Sexton, Barbara Kessler Columbus Music Hall
4/17/1998 Fred Eaglesmith, Lynn Miles Columbus Music Hall
5/29/1998 Guy Davis, Biersdorf & Kolbe CPAC
1996 - 1997
9/27/1996 Ellis Paul, Barbara Kessler Columbus Music Hall
10/11/1996 The Nields, Peter Mulvey Third Ave. Space
11/1/1996 David Olney, Kate Campbell Columbus Music Hall
11/23/1996 John Gorka, The Nudes 1st Unitarian Church
12/6/1996 Martin Sexton, Jim Infantino CPAC
1/25/1997 Bill Morrissey, Laurie Rose Griffith & Peter Mealy Columbus Music Hall
2/22/1997 Homegrown: Sally Fingerett, RJ Cowdery, Jenny Morgan, Victoria Parks Columbus Music Hall
3/15/1997 Kate & Anna McGarrigle Fawcett Center
4/18/1997 Lucy Kaplansky, Jack Williams Columbus Music Hall
5/2/1997 Greg Brown, Les Sampou CPAC
5/24/1997 Dougie MacLean, Bernice Lewis CPAC
1995 - 1996
9/15/1995 Hunter Moore, Lucy Kaplansky Columbus Music Hall
10/5/1995 Ani DiFranco Mees Hall
11/10/1995 Kristina Olsen, Shirley Jay Columbus Music Hall
12/1/1995 Robin & Linda Williams CPAC
1/20/1996 David Massengill, Carrie Newcomer Columbus Music Hall
2/2/1996 Susan Werner, Tom Prasada-Rao Columbus Music Hall
3/8/1996 Catie Curtis, Cormac McCarthy Columbus Music Hall
4/5/1996 Cheryl Wheeler, Martin Sexton CPAC
5/11/1996 Deidre McCalla, Caroline Aiken Columbus Music Hall
6/9/1996 Janis Ian, The Kennedys CPAC
1994 - 1995
9/23/1994 Patty Larkin, Ellis Paul Battelle Auditorium
10/1/1994 Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams CPAC
11/11/1994 Iain Matthews, Kevin Connolly Columbus Music Hall
12/2/1994 David Buskin, John Korba Columbus Music Hall
1/20/1995 Richard Shindell, Barbara Kessler Columbus Music Hall
2/17/1995 Cosy Sheridan, Jim Infantino Columbus Music Hall
3/3/1995 On a Winter's Night: Cliff Eberhardt, John Gorka, Patty Larkin, Cheryl Wheeler Mees Hall
4/21/1995 Brooks Williams, Erica Wheeler Columbus Music Hall
5/12/1995 Vance Gilbert, Karen Pernick Columbus Music Hall
1993 - 1994
9/10/1993 Greg Brown, Carrie Newcomer CPAC
10/15/1993 Cliff Eberhardt, Dave Crossland CPAC
11/19/1993 Tom Rush, Cosy Sheridan Third Ave. Space
12/10/1993 The World Cafe/Philo 20th Anniversary Tour: Cheryl Wheeler, Bill Morrissey,
Kristina Olsen, Vance Gilbert
1st Unitarian Church
1/21/1994 Four Bitchin' Babes: Julie Gold, Megon McDonough, Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith Battelle Auditorium
2/18/1994 Bill Morrissey, Diane Ziegler Columbus Music Hall
3/25/1994 Hugh Blumenfeld, Catie Curtis Columbus Music Hall
4/22/1994 The Story, Jim Infantino CPAC
5/13/1994 Vance Gilbert, Maria Sangiolo Columbus Music Hall
6/3/1994 Christine Lavin CPAC
1992 - 1993
9/11/1992 Bill Morrissey, Hunter Moore Columbus Music Hall
10/23/1992 Pierce Pettis, Maria Sangiolo Columbus Music Hall
11/20/1992 Cheryl Wheeler, Charley Brown Columbus Music Hall
12/4/1992 Robin & Linda Williams Third Ave. Space
1/22/1993 Kristina Olsen, Shirley Jay Columbus Music Hall
2/5/1993 The Story, Billy Martin Columbus Music Hall
3/26/1993 Patty Larkin, Catie Curtis CPAC
4/23/1993 John Gorka, Hugh Blumenfeld Battelle Auditorium
5/4/1993 Megon McDonough Columbus Music Hall
1991 - 1992
9/27/1991 Cliff Eberhardt, Pierce Pettis Columbus Music Hall
10/18/1991 Patty Larkin, Shirley Jay Columbus Music Hall
11/8/1991 Willis Alan Ramsey, Alison Rogers Columbus Music Hall
12/8/1991 Brooks Williams, Lisa Hill Columbus Music Hall
1/24/1992 The 4 Bitchin' Babes: Christine Lavin, Sally Fingerett, Julie Gold, Megon McDonough Battelle Auditorium
2/14/1992 Rory Block Third Ave. Space
3/13/1992 Pat Alger, Jeff McDonald Columbus Music Hall
4/24/1992 Lucy Blue Tremblay, Jenny Morgan Van Fleet Theater
5/8/1992 David Wilcox, Bethany Edwards Columbus Music Hall
1990 - 1991
9/23/1990 John Gorka, Donna Mogavero Columbus Music Hall
10/21/1990 Cheryl Wheeler, Parker MacDonell Columbus Music Hall
11/18/1990 Robin & Linda Williams, Beckie Brown Columbus Music Hall
12/6/1990 Jonathan Edwards, Sally Fingerett Columbus Music Hall
1/25/1991 On A Winter's Night: Christine Lavin, Patty Larkin, John Gorka, David Wilcox Battelle Auditorium
2/17/1991 Barbara Higbie, Bruce Armitage Columbus Music Hall
3/1/1991 Sara Hickman, Cliff Eberhardt Columbus Music Hall
3/24/1991 Pierce Pettis, Barry Chern Columbus Music Hall
4/21/1991 Bill Miller Columbus Music Hall
1989 - 1990
9/24/1989 Christine Lavin, David Wilcox Columbus Music Hall
10/15/1989 Women in the Round: Karen Staley, Pam Tillis,
Ashley Cleveland, Tricia Walker, Parker MacDonell
Columbus Music Hall
11/5/1989 Maura O'Connell Columbus Music Hall
1/21/1990 John Gorka, Pierce Pettis Columbus Music Hall
3/1/1990 Josh White, Jr. Columbus Music Hall
4/8/1990 Shawn Colvin, John Schwab Columbus Music Hall
5/17/1990 David Wilcox Columbus Music Hall
1988 - 1989
9/18/1988 Livingston Taylor, Donna Mogavero Columbus Music Hall
10/9/1988 Christine Lavin, Parker MacDonell Columbus Music Hall
10/23/1988 Sallly Fingerett Columbus Music Hall
10/30/1988 Jim Scott Columbus Music Hall
11/6/1988 Cheryl Wheeler Columbus Music Hall
11/13/1988 The Washington Squares Columbus Music Hall
11/20/1988 Robin & Linda Williams Columbus Music Hall
12/4/1988 Bob Bennett Columbus Music Hall
12/11/1988 Donna Mogavero Columbus Music Hall
3/4/1989 The Bobs Columbus Music Hall
4/16/1989 Patty Larkin, Parker MacDonell Columbus Music Hall